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Tiger eye – Raw

Tiger eye – Raw

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Tiger Eye – Raw: The Stone of Confidence and Insight

Tiger Eye, renowned for its captivating golden-brown bands and mesmerizing chatoyancy, is a stone of courage, confidence, and insight. In its raw form, Tiger Eye retains its natural allure, exhibiting a silky luster that draws the eye and sparks the imagination.


  • Appearance: Tiger Eye's most defining feature is its chatoyancy, or cat's-eye effect, which is created by fibrous inclusions of crocidolite. The bands of golden and brown create a unique pattern that's visually striking.
  • Formation: A member of the quartz group, Tiger Eye forms when quartz crystals become embedded between the fibers of crocidolite, eventually replacing it and creating the stone's signature appearance.
  • Size and Shape: Raw Tiger Eye can be found in various sizes and shapes, each piece unique in its banding and coloration.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Enhancing Confidence: Tiger Eye is often considered a stone of courage and self-confidence, aiding individuals in recognizing their strengths and talents.
  • Promoting Insight: It encourages a balanced perspective and helps in making decisions with understanding and unclouded judgment.
  • Grounding Energy: Connecting with the lower chakras, Tiger Eye provides grounding and stabilizing energy, helping to align one's life and goals.
  • Protection: Many believe that Tiger Eye serves as a protective talisman, warding off negative energies.


  • Meditation Aid: Meditating with Tiger Eye can deepen self-awareness and encourage a mindful presence.
  • Decorative Element: The unique appearance of raw Tiger Eye adds a touch of nature's artistry to any space.
  • Healing Practices: Used in crystal healing, Tiger Eye may support hormonal balance and enhance vitality.

Care and Handling:

  • Handling: Despite its relative hardness, Tiger Eye can be sensitive to scratches; handle with care.
  • Cleaning: Gently cleanse with a soft cloth and mild soap, avoiding abrasive materials.


Tiger Eye – Raw is more than just an attractive mineral; it's a symbol of inner strength, clarity, and protection. Its natural bands of color and reflective sheen make it a distinctive addition to any collection or space. For those seeking to enhance personal power and discernment or simply to enjoy the beauty of nature's creativity, raw Tiger Eye offers a glimpse into the wild, untamed essence of the earth and ourselves.

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