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Tiger eye pendant – Drop

Tiger eye pendant – Drop

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Tiger Eye Pendant – Drop Shape

The Tiger Eye drop-shaped pendant is a visually captivating and metaphysically potent piece of jewelry. This pendant embodies the courage and wisdom of the tiger, making it a remarkable symbol of personal strength and enlightenment.

Overall Description

Featuring the illustrious golden-brown striations of Tiger Eye, this drop-shaped pendant is a graceful and powerful accessory. The drop shape is reminiscent of a teardrop, adding a layer of emotive symbolism to the stone's inherent qualities.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Tiger Eye: Known for its ability to grant courage, wisdom, and insight, Tiger Eye is a stone of protection and power. It can assist in releasing fears and anxiety, guiding the wearer toward harmony and balance.
  • Drop Shape: Symbolizing purity, emotional healing, and unity, the drop shape enhances the Tiger Eye's grounding properties, connecting the wearer with their innermost feelings and intuition.


  • Emotional Healing: By combining the calming effects of the drop shape with the empowering properties of Tiger Eye, this pendant may assist those working through emotional challenges.
  • Enhancing Intuition: Wearing the pendant during meditation or contemplative practices can deepen one's connection to intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Fashion Accessory: Its stunning appearance makes it a fitting accessory for various fashion styles, adding a touch of elegance and mystique.
  • Strengthening Resolve: For those seeking to foster determination, confidence, and personal growth, this pendant serves as a constant reminder of one's inner strength.

Care and Maintenance

  • Cleaning: A gentle cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soap will maintain its luster; avoid using harsh chemicals.
  • Storage: Keeping the pendant in a soft pouch or separate compartment will prevent scratches.
  • Energetic Maintenance: To cleanse and recharge the pendant's energy, occasional exposure to sunlight or moonlight is beneficial.


The Tiger Eye drop pendant is a blend of elegance and spiritual power, symbolizing courage, wisdom, and emotional unity. Its unique appearance and profound metaphysical significance make it a cherished piece for both fashion enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. With proper care and mindful engagement, it's more than just jewelry; it's a wearable token of personal strength and enlightenment.

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