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Sun stone– 0.1 - 0.25 kg Raw

Sun stone– 0.1 - 0.25 kg Raw

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Sun Stone (0.1 - 0.25 kg Raw): Radiance Embodied

Sun Stone, a remarkable gemstone imbued with an inner play of shimmering colors, stands as a testament to the magic of nature. Its vibrant and fiery appearance is reminiscent of the sun at dusk, offering a physical manifestation of warmth and light. Here's a comprehensive look at this radiant stone:


  • Appearance: Sun Stone is typically a rich orange to reddish-brown feldspar gemstone with spangled inclusions, often gleaming with gold or red sparkles due to light reflecting off its internal structures. This phenomenon is known as aventurescence.

  • Formation: It is a member of the feldspar group and owes its unique shimmer to the presence of tiny platelets of hematite or goethite.

  • Size & Weight: This particular offering is raw and weighs between 0.1 to 0.25 kilograms, making it a substantial piece ideal for various uses.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Joy & Positivity: Sun Stone is believed to exude a sunny and bright energy, dispelling gloom and negative thoughts. It's a beacon for joy, helping to rejuvenate the spirit.

  • Empowerment & Freedom: Historically associated with the sun god Ra, this stone is believed to provide a sense of empowerment and to stimulate leadership qualities.

  • Energy Boost: Just like the morning sun revives the world, Sun Stone is said to energize and revitalize those who hold or wear it, helping to restore the body's balance.

  • Enhancing Intuition: Many believe that Sun Stone helps in awakening cosmic consciousness, heightening intuition, and allowing the real self to shine through happily.


  • Decorative Piece: Its shimmering appearance makes Sun Stone a dazzling addition to any space, especially when sunlight or artificial light plays off its reflective inclusions.

  • Meditation: The warm energy of Sun Stone can assist in meditation practices, helping to clear and energize the chakras.

  • Jewelry & Craft: Although this piece is raw, it can be shaped, polished, and transformed into unique jewelry or integrated into artistic crafts.

  • Healing Practices: Those engaged in crystal healing might use Sun Stone to alleviate stress, depression, or energy drain.

Care & Handling:

  • Cleaning: Gently clean Sun Stone with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners, which could harm the stone's surface.

  • Handling: Treat with care. Even though Sun Stone is moderately hard, it can still be scratched or chipped if mishandled.

  • Storing: Store separately in a soft cloth or pouch to avoid scratching.

In Summation:

Raw Sun Stone, with its weight range of 0.1 to 0.25 kg, serves as a tangible embodiment of the sun's radiant energy. Its metaphysical properties promise empowerment, joy, and revitalization. Whether you're attracted to its aesthetic allure or its spiritual resonance, Sun Stone remains a gem in the truest sense, reflecting the brilliant dance of light and life.

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