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Sodalite – Heart

Sodalite – Heart

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Sodalite Heart 40mm – A Beacon of Truth and Peace

Introducing our fascinating 40mm Sodalite Heart, a symbol of truth, tranquility, and deep inner peace. With its unique deep blue hue and veined texture, the Sodalite Heart resonates profoundly with the throat and third eye chakras, enhancing your self-expression and intuition.

About Sodalite: Known as the Stone of Peace and Truth, Sodalite is sought for its ability to promote logic, clarity of thought, and emotional balance. It aids in dismantling defensive walls built over time and encourages open and truthful communication.


Shape and Size: Beautifully carved into a heart shape, measuring 40mm, signifying love, compassion, and wisdom. Color and Texture: Its captivating deep blue color with white veins paints a picture of a clear night sky, promoting peace and tranquility. Healing Properties: Encourages self-expression, logic, and emotional balance, offering a calming influence on your life. Why Choose a Sodalite Heart?

For Emotional Balance: Sodalite offers soothing energies that help to bring emotional balance and tranquility. For Clear Communication: Known to enhance self-expression and honesty. For Unique Beauty: Its distinctive blue hue and veined texture adds an intriguing aesthetic to any space. Perfect For:

Peace Seekers: For those looking to instill peace and emotional balance in their life. Loved Ones: An ideal gift to encourage open communication and tranquility. Decorative Display: Its unique beauty makes it a centerpiece for home or office decor. Conclusion: The Sodalite Heart is not just a stunning piece of natural art; it's a beacon of tranquility, honesty, and emotional balance. The 40mm size makes it perfect for holding during meditation or placing in your sacred space.

Please note: As Sodalite is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Enrich your life journey with the calming and balancing energies of our Sodalite Heart. Let it be a guide to your inner truth and a serene reminder of the tranquility that resides within you.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Sodalite properties

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