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Snowflake obsidian – Heart

Snowflake obsidian – Heart

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Snowflake Obsidian Heart 40mm – Unleashing Inner Harmony and Balance

Introducing our captivating 40mm Snowflake Obsidian Heart, a poignant symbol of balance, self-discovery, and serenity. With its distinct snowflake patterns set against a deep black background, this stone strongly resonates with the root chakra, grounding you to the earth and nurturing your inner strength.

About Snowflake Obsidian: Regarded as the Stone of Purity and Balance, Snowflake Obsidian reflects the ability to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit. It aids in the release of negativity and emotional blockages, promoting a sense of calm and inner peace.


Shape and Size: Artfully carved into a heart shape, measuring 40mm, embodying love, compassion, and healing. Color and Texture: Its unique black base scattered with intricate snowflake patterns offers a stark visual contrast, representing the balance of light and darkness. Healing Properties: Promotes grounding, tranquility, and balance, aiding in self-discovery and emotional healing. Why Choose a Snowflake Obsidian Heart?

For Grounding: Offers strong grounding energies that promote emotional stability. For Emotional Healing: Assists in releasing negativity and emotional blockages. For Unique Beauty: Its distinctive snowflake pattern adds an intriguing visual element to any space. Perfect For:

Harmony Seekers: Ideal for those seeking balance and harmony in their life. Loved Ones: A thoughtful gift that promotes emotional healing and grounding. Decorative Display: Its striking pattern makes it a stunning piece for home or office decor. Conclusion: The Snowflake Obsidian Heart is not just an exquisite piece of natural art; it's a talisman of balance, grounding, and emotional healing. The 40mm size makes it perfect for holding during meditation or displaying in your sacred space.

Please note: As Snowflake Obsidian is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Unleash inner harmony with the grounding energies of our Snowflake Obsidian Heart. Let it be a guide to your emotional healing and a constant reminder of the balance that resides within you.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Snowflake obsidian properties

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