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Smoke quartz – Light

Smoke quartz – Light

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Smoky quartz is also known by the name Morion, the original term given to this beautiful crystal by the Druids. It is a dark brownish-black variety of quartz formed in various sizes and masses. This colour combination is due to the free silicon deposits in the mineral. From time immemorial, smoky quartz has been associated with the gods of darkness. It was believed to be a powerful tool for removing dark forces that bring positive change to life.

If most crystals lead you on a spiritual path, smoky quartz will be the one that will help you stand firmly and live in the physical world. It will create a balance between thoughts, soul and real life. This crystal is suitable for those who tend to wander in their dreams, especially if they find it difficult to concentrate on daily work and tasks. Smoky quartz will cleanse unnecessary thoughts and help you live more consciously and discover determination and flight in yourself. These personal qualities will serve the fulfilment of desires and dreams.

Like most other dark crystals, it is a mineral that dissipates negative energy. By wearing its mascots, you can protect yourself from the most varied forms of evil. You will also find that both you and those around you become calmer and more peaceful.

Smoky quartz will reveal a woman’s wild nature. It will help connect with the inner goddess who is in oneness with nature and the world around it. By carrying the crystal with it, it will awaken the wisdom and knowledge stored in women’s genes for centuries about the healing powers of forests and fields.

Store this variety of quartz in spaces in the home where energy is disturbed. The crystal will help find why this is the case and dispel existing disturbances that prevent the room from harmonising. It is also advisable to keep it near electronic devices that you spend a lot of time with, for example, your laptop.

Approximate weight: 14g. 
Approximate size: 1,7x2,5x1,2cm.

Crystal: Quartz. 

Country of origin: Brazil. 
Chemical composition: SiO2
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 7.

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