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Silver eye

Silver eye

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The serpentine silver eye is also recognisable by the name of the zebra jasper. This appellation was given because of the stone's striped surface and association with the freedom and metaphysical properties that liberate the soul. The stones are found in brown and ivory or brown and yellowish-brown.

It is a stone that protects the earth's energy. Associating a close connection with the lower chakras will help you ground, concentrate, and complete ongoing projects or realise your visions. It is said that this crystal attracts money and success in business. By improving your customer service skills, he will ensure that they are satisfied with the services you provide and recommend you to others.

During meditation, keep in touch with the zebra, the spirit animal. It will help you understand how important it is to feel free and independent and how to achieve that. Unlike his relatives, the horse and the donkey - he has never been exploited by humans for various jobs, so the wild soul of this animal is a suitable teacher. Having a unique look, he teaches that being exclusive is a wonderful gift of the universe. Knowing only your qualities, you should not hide them but nurture and be proud of them. If you realise that we are all different, you will better accept yourself and others without criticism and inner judgment.

It is also a stone that cleanses negative energy—having it will clear your mind of toxic thoughts that lead to depression, mistrust and apathy. Keep the zebra jasper next to you during stressful situations. It will help your mind stay cold and focused on performing the assigned tasks or finding solutions to complex problems.

This stone will positively affect not only your mind but also your physical body. It has been observed to increase libido in men and restore estrogen levels in women. It is also recommended to keep this stone nearby if you want to get pregnant.

Crystal: Also known as Serpentinite. 
Country of origin: USA. 
Chemical composition: ((MgFe)3Si2O5(OH)4).
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 3 - 6. 

Other known names: serpentine, silver eye 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Serpentine properties

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