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Silicon carbide

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Carborundum is otherwise known as Silicon Carbide. It is a dark-coloured crystal with a structure reminiscent of castle towers. The glowing colours on the surface of the stone are associated with all the chakras of the body. It is one of those crystals that is not formed in nature. In 1891 Edward Goodrich Acheson discovered Carborund in an attempt to create a diamond using electricity. While sceptics question the stone's metaphysical properties, others are happy with its healing energy and appreciate it.

It is believed that the seven colours reflected on the surface of the crystal have a powerful force that protects against evil. Therefore, carborundum can be used as an amulet. Also, the same colours combine with the chakras in our bodies. The stone cleanses them of unnecessary energy and stimulates their activity.

Have this stone if you want to restore peace of life. It will activate your vital energy and gives you the motivation if you have lost it. By illuminating the mind, this stone will help eliminate depression, anger, melancholy and reduce stress.

The stone is beneficial for those who want to avoid conflicts. It helps people with different opinions to reach a common compromise peacefully. It is also a stone to protect your personal space, not allowing others to cross boundaries that confuse your inner world.

Carborundum is a powerful enhancer of vital energy. It relieves headaches, eye strain, and other problems that people who spend long hours at the computer experience. The mineral relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles, strengthens bones and improves their functions. It can also help treat Alzheimer's disease and can be used to treat cerebrospinal fluid imbalance and memory-related conditions.

Country of origin: India.
Chemical composition: CSi.
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 9-9,5.