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Shark teeth – small

Shark teeth – small

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Shark Teeth: Vestiges of Predation and Power

Shark teeth are fascinating remnants from the ocean's most formidable predators. Renowned for their sharpness and multitude, these teeth have found their place in various collections, jewelry pieces, and studies. They serve not just as souvenirs from the deep sea, but also as symbols of strength and survival.


  • Appearance: Shark teeth can vary in size, shape, and color based on the species of shark they come from. They can range from the tiny, needle-like teeth of a hammerhead to the large, triangular teeth of a great white shark. The color of fossil shark teeth can range from jet black to a range of browns and greys, depending on the minerals in the soil where they were found.

  • Origins: Shark teeth are often found as fossils. Sharks continually lose and replace their teeth, and some species may produce over 20,000 teeth in their lifetime. When a tooth is lost, it can become fossilized over time through a process called permineralization, where the organic material of the tooth is replaced with minerals.

Symbolism and Use:

  • Strength and Power: Shark teeth have long been recognized as symbols of protection, power, and strength due to the predatory nature of the shark. They're often used in jewelry and amulets for their perceived protective properties.

  • Fossil Collection: Due to their abundance and variety, shark teeth are popular among fossil collectors. Each tooth provides a glimpse into the past, revealing information about the species of shark and its diet.

  • Jewelry and Craft: Shark teeth are frequently used in jewelry designs, such as necklaces and bracelets, and in other crafts. Their unique shapes and patterns create eye-catching pieces.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: Fossilized shark teeth can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Be gentle to avoid damaging the tooth.

  • Storage: Store them carefully to avoid chipping or breaking. If using in jewelry, remove before heavy physical activity or swimming.


Whether you wear a shark tooth as a symbol of strength, add it to your fossil collection, or appreciate it as an interesting piece from the marine world, it's an item of intrigue and wonder. It connects us to the powerful dynamics of ocean life and reminds us of the enduring cycle of growth and regeneration.

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