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  • Seraphinite bracelet – Chips
  • Seraphinite bracelet – Chips
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Seraphinite bracelet – Chips

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The green forest-coloured seraphinite crystal is adorned with shimmering strokes and feathered mica patterns. It is because of them that the stone is associated with the wings of an angel. Even his name speaks for itself because Seraphin is one of the angels. The largest deposits of this crystal are found in Siberia, on Lake Baikal.

It is a light-emitting stone. It will clear toxic thoughts and help those with depression or any nervous disorders. By coming together with spiritual leaders and angels, the seraphinite will show you the way of your life and illuminate what you need to change to bring success, happiness, and general prosperity.

When your head is full of thoughts, and you are at a crossroads where a crucial decision must be made - ask the crystal to help you make the right decision. Even if you are in stressful situations, trust the seraphinite. It will take care of you. When your thoughts are directed in the right direction, you will be left with nothing but to go to meet for a better tomorrow.

After bathing in the rays of good energy, you will change so that those around you will notice it immediately. You will notice the most significant positive impact on your relationship with your loved one. The more often you are in a good mood, the easier it will be to get rid of your annoying properties. And that will turn your relationship in a positive direction.

Seraphinite supports heart and lung function. It has been found to improve cell food supply and help people who want to lose weight. It also has a positive effect on the kidneys and detoxifies the body.

Approximate weight: 44g. 
The bracelets are strung on elastic rubber band, so that it fits to every wrist.

Crystal: Seraphinite. 
Country of origin: Russia. 
Chemical composition: Mg5Al(AlSi3O10)(OH)8. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 2 - 4.