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Sea urchin

Sea urchin

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Sea Urchin Fossils

Immerse yourself in prehistoric times with our collection of Sea Urchin fossils. These fascinating remnants from ancient oceans provide a glimpse into the marine ecosystems of millions of years ago.

About Sea Urchin Fossils:

Sea Urchins are marine animals that have lived in the Earth's oceans for hundreds of millions of years. Their fossilized remains, known as "echinoids," are found in sedimentary rock worldwide. These echinoids represent the urchin's internal skeleton or 'test', which in life was covered by spines and skin.


  • Size: The sizes of our Sea Urchin fossils vary, but they typically fall within the small to medium range.
  • Age: These fossils date back to a range of geological periods, offering a tangible link to our planet's past.
  • Authentic: Each Sea Urchin fossil is a genuine specimen, providing an authentic glimpse into ancient marine life.
  • Details: Despite their age, many of our fossils retain remarkable detail, showcasing the intricate patterns and structures of the Sea Urchin's test.

Educational Value:

Sea Urchin fossils are invaluable for educational purposes. They offer an insight into evolution, biology, geology, and the history of the Earth. They serve as a fascinating teaching tool for both children and adults.

Perfect For:

  • Collectors: Fossil collectors and paleontology enthusiasts will find a Sea Urchin fossil an intriguing addition to their collection.
  • Decoration: These fossils can serve as unique decorative pieces, bringing a touch of ancient history to your living space.
  • Gifts: For those fascinated by the natural world and its history, a Sea Urchin fossil makes a thoughtful and educational gift.


Adding a Sea Urchin fossil to your collection is like owning a piece of Earth's history. It's a tangible link to the ancient world, providing a fascinating insight into the creatures that lived millions of years ago.

Please note: Each Sea Urchin fossil is unique and as such, the size, shape, and level of detail may vary between specimens.

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