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  • Rhodonchrosite pendant – Donut 35mm
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Rhodonchrosite pendant – Donut 35mm

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The beautiful pink rhodochrosite is considered the national stone of Argentina because its largest deposits are found here. Massive shapes of this stone are often used in the production of semi-precious jewellery or carved figurines. Some crystal collectors ask for the mineral to be cut like a gemstone, but it is not suitable for everyday use in this shape because it is too soft.

Like most other pink crystals, rhodochrosite will warm the heart and attract love. It will, like flower petals, scatter your way, which will be full of gratifying emotions. If you first reward yourself with warm feelings and understand your value, you will see that everyone will start to look at you differently. Undoubtedly, this stone will help to achieve this. Also, wear crystals if you want to attract new love or a person with whom you can make a sincere friendship.

Rhodochrosite is said to help adults discover within themselves an inner child who, due to certain injuries that occurred in the early years, hid in the corners of the soul. You’ll be amazed at how your personality can change if you manage to make friends with him. Only children look at the world with eyes full of confidence and hope. These feelings would come back to you too. It would also activate your creativity, wit, sincerity and inner confidence in the universe and mother earth.

On top of all that, this amazing crystal will enhance your spirituality and help you unite with your higher version. By meditating or simply holding this mineral near you, you will expand your consciousness and strengthen the spiritual perception manifest in the physical world. It provides a wonderful connection to divine femininity that will awaken compassion, inner peace, tolerance and love.

Because rhodochrosite contains manganese, it supports bone growth, tissue regeneration, and mineral absorption. The crystal helps the heart and circulatory system to stabilise blood pressure and pulse. It is placed at the base of the skull to relieve migraine attacks. The stone is believed to correct thyroid imbalances and remove stimuli from the lungs, relieving breathing problems and asthma.

Country of origin: Argentina
Chemical composition: MnCO3
Mohs hardness: 3.5-4

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