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Red Tiger eye – Raw

Red Tiger eye – Raw

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Raw Red Tiger Eye - The Stone of Motivation and Vitality

Immerse yourself in the vigor and motivation brought forth by our Raw Red Tiger Eye, a stone recognized for its stimulating energy and powerful connection to the Earth's vibration. This raw stone brings you close to the unpolished allure of Red Tiger Eye.

About Red Tiger Eye:

Red Tiger Eye, also known as Ox Eye or Bull's Eye, is a variant of Tiger Eye that has undergone heat treatment to attain its gorgeous, fiery red hue. Known for its grounding and energizing properties, it's the perfect stone for those seeking motivation, vitality, and a boost in their personal power.


  • Size: Our Raw Red Tiger Eye comes in various sizes, each piece individually unique in its form and hue.
  • Natural and Untouched: These specimens are completely raw, allowing you to connect with the untouched form of Red Tiger Eye.
  • Colour and Texture: Each piece of Red Tiger Eye radiates a vibrant, fiery red hue with the characteristic chatoyancy (cat's eye effect) that Tiger Eye stones are known for.
  • Healing Properties: Known for promoting motivation, metabolism, and vitality, Red Tiger Eye is a stone of personal power that stimulates the Root and Sacral Chakras.

Why Choose Raw Red Tiger Eye?

  • Authenticity: Experience the raw energy of Red Tiger Eye as it exists in its natural state, free from human intervention.
  • Stimulating Energy: The energizing properties of Red Tiger Eye can enhance your motivation and help increase your metabolism, making it perfect for anyone seeking a vitality boost.
  • Healing: Used in crystal healing, Red Tiger Eye is believed to increase self-confidence, courage, and resilience, making it an ideal ally for overcoming lethargy or doubts.

Perfect For:

  • Collectors: An excellent addition to any crystal collection, showcasing a raw and rare specimen of Red Tiger Eye.
  • Meditation: Use during meditation to harness its grounding and stimulating energies, promoting focus and vitality.
  • Gifting: A wonderful gift for anyone interested in the unrefined beauty and healing properties of crystals.


Our Raw Red Tiger Eye is a dynamic stone, its fiery red hue and raw form reflecting its potent, stimulating energies. Whether you're an experienced crystal collector or just starting your journey, this stone is an excellent choice to tap into the energizing power of Red Tiger Eye.

Please note: Each piece is naturally formed and as such, they may vary slightly from the images provided.

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