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Red jasper India – Raw

Red jasper India – Raw

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Raw Red Jasper India - The Stone of Empowerment

Unearth the essence of inner strength and empowerment with our Raw Red Jasper India, a magnificent stone known for its grounding energy and powerful connection to the Earth. Sourced from India, this raw stone manifests the unrefined beauty of Red Jasper.

About Red Jasper:

Red Jasper, an opaque variety of Chalcedony, is a form of microcrystalline Quartz that exudes a fiery red hue. Its strong grounding energy and connection to life force make it the perfect stone for those seeking stability, courage, and spiritual insight.


  • Size: Our Raw Red Jasper India comes in a variety of sizes, each piece individually unique in its shape and colour.
  • Natural and Untouched: These specimens are completely raw, allowing you to experience the unprocessed, untouched form of Red Jasper.
  • Colour and Texture: Each piece of Red Jasper showcases a bold, fiery red hue with natural variations that give it its unique charm.
  • Healing Properties: Known for promoting emotional resilience, strength and vitality, Red Jasper is a stone of empowerment that brings balance and stimulates the Base Chakra.

Why Choose Raw Red Jasper India?

  • Authenticity: Experience the raw energy of Red Jasper as it occurs naturally, unaltered by any human intervention.
  • Balancing Energy: The grounding properties of Red Jasper can help to stabilize your energies, absorbing negativity and promoting a balanced aura.
  • Healing: Used often in crystal healing, Red Jasper is known to increase emotional stamina, self-confidence and courage, making it a valuable ally in facing life's challenges.

Perfect For:

  • Collectors: An excellent addition to any crystal collection, offering a raw and unique specimen.
  • Meditation: Use during meditation to ground energy and promote a sense of tranquillity.
  • Gifting: A wonderful gift for anyone interested in the natural beauty and healing properties of crystals.


Our Raw Red Jasper India is a captivating stone, its bold red hue and raw form reflecting its potent energies. Whether you're a seasoned crystal collector or just beginning your journey, this stone is a brilliant way to tap into the empowering energy of Red Jasper.

Please note: Each piece is naturally formed and as such, they may differ slightly from the images provided.

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