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Rainbow fluorite – Raw

Rainbow fluorite – Raw

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Raw Rainbow Fluorite – Spectrum of Healing Energies

Experience the joy and healing properties of our Raw Rainbow Fluorite, a multi-color stone that resonates with the human energy field. This raw, unpolished form of Fluorite showcases a spectrum of natural colors, creating a stunning piece of Mother Earth's creation.

About Rainbow Fluorite:

Rainbow Fluorite is a calcium fluoride mineral that forms in a range of colors from green, blue, purple to pink, often all within one specimen, hence the name. It has a cubic or octahedral crystal system and is renowned for its balancing and protective properties.


  • Size: Raw Rainbow Fluorite is available in a range of sizes, each exhibiting unique patterns and coloration.
  • Natural and Untreated: These specimens are raw and unpolished, revealing Rainbow Fluorite in its natural, untouched form.
  • Color and Texture: The colors range from green, blue, purple to pink, often all within one specimen, creating a delightful visual effect.
  • Healing Properties: Rainbow Fluorite is known for its grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. It aids in dispelling negative energy and stress, making it a wonderful healing tool.

Why Choose Raw Rainbow Fluorite?

  • Authenticity: As an untreated, raw crystal, Rainbow Fluorite maintains its pure energy and offers an authentic crystal experience.
  • Energy Balancing: Rainbow Fluorite is renowned for its ability to absorb and neutralize negative energies, promoting harmony and balance.
  • Healing: This stone is highly regarded for its protective properties, aiding in psychic and physical protection.

Perfect For:

  • Collectors: Crystal enthusiasts looking to enrich their collection with a visually stunning and powerful stone.
  • Meditation: Ideal for use during meditation, aiding in grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy.
  • Gifting: A perfect gift for anyone drawn to the beauty of natural crystals or could benefit from its healing properties.


Our Raw Rainbow Fluorite is a vibrant and potent healing tool. Each piece is as unique as the individual who holds it, containing a spectrum of colors that radiate with healing energies.

Note: As these are naturally formed pieces, they may differ slightly from the images provided.

Discover the harmonizing and balancing energy of Raw Rainbow Fluorite.

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