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Quartz with inclusions

Quartz with inclusions

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Quartz with Inclusions: A World Within a Stone

Quartz with inclusions is a fascinating specimen for any crystal enthusiast. The presence of these inclusions—minerals or other types of quartz that became trapped inside the main crystal as it grew—adds depth, character, and unique metaphysical properties to the quartz.


  • Appearance: Quartz with inclusions can take on an array of appearances depending on the type and density of the inclusions. These range from delicate veils or clouds suspended within the crystal to vibrant bursts of color or intricate internal landscapes.

  • Stone Properties: Quartz is known for its ability to amplify and store energy. The presence of inclusions adds unique attributes and enhances the energy of the quartz, depending on the nature of the inclusion.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Amplification of Energy: Like all quartz, these specimens can amplify the energy of thoughts and other crystals, making them powerful tools in energy work and meditation.

  • Enhanced Properties: The metaphysical properties of quartz with inclusions depend on the nature of the inclusions. For example, rutile inclusions often suggest an increased ability to manifest intentions, while chlorite inclusions are associated with healing and cleansing.


  • Decorative: The unique beauty of quartz with inclusions makes it an attractive piece of decor. These crystals can be a point of interest and a conversation starter.

  • Healing and Meditation Tool: These crystals can be used in meditation and healing, with their properties varying according to the type of inclusion.

  • Gift: A quartz with inclusions is a wonderful gift for anyone interested in the beauty and energy of crystals. Each piece is unique and holds a world within itself.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: To clean quartz with inclusions, use a soft cloth and mild soap if necessary. Be sure to rinse well to remove soapy residue.

  • Storage: Store your crystal separately from other items to prevent scratches, as quartz is harder than many other materials and can scratch or be scratched.


Quartz with inclusions is an incredibly captivating crystal that offers not only the amplification qualities of quartz but also the additional energies of its inclusions. Every piece is a unique universe of beauty and energy, serving as a constant reminder of the wonder and diversity of nature. This makes quartz with inclusions an excellent choice for both beginning and experienced crystal enthusiasts.

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