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Quartz pendant – Dolphin tail

Quartz pendant – Dolphin tail

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Quartz Pendant - Dolphin Tail: A Symbol of Harmony and Intelligence

Explore the depths of the ocean and wisdom with the Quartz Pendant - Dolphin Tail. This exquisite piece beautifully represents the elegant motion of a dolphin's tail, masterfully carved from luminous Quartz. It's not just a pendant, but an embodiment of harmony, intelligence, and healing.


Appearance: This pendant showcases the delicately sculpted form of a dolphin's tail, made from clear, radiant Quartz. The design replicates the grace and power of a dolphin in movement, exuding an irresistible charm.

Stone Properties: Quartz, recognized as the "Master Healer," has an expansive range of healing properties. It is known to enhance psychic abilities and tune into your spiritual purpose.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Energy Amplification: Being an excellent energy amplifier, Quartz cleanses and energizes the organs and subtle bodies, acting as a profound soul purifier.
  • Harmony and Intelligence: The dolphin tail symbolizes intelligence, harmony with the environment, and playful energy. It helps you embrace the playful, intelligent aspects of your personality.


  • Fashion Statement: This pendant, with its distinctive shape and clear Quartz, adds a touch of whimsy and charm to any attire.
  • Spiritual Connection: Perfect for those who feel a strong connection to marine life, especially dolphins, or those who wish to channel intelligence and harmony.
  • Gift of Balance: Representing harmony and healing, it makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones needing balance or healing energy.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: Clean with a soft cloth and mild soap, keeping it away from harsh chemicals that could damage the Quartz.
  • Storage: Store in a soft pouch or lined jewelry box to maintain its shine and prevent potential damage.


The Quartz Pendant - Dolphin Tail symbolizes intelligence, harmony, and the playful spirit of the ocean's most loved creature. Its beautiful design and the vibrant energy of Quartz is sure to draw attention, making it a treasured addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you're fascinated by dolphins, love the ocean, or wish to tap into the healing energy of Quartz, this pendant provides a unique and harmonious expression of nature's charm. Experience the vibrancy of the ocean and the serenity of Quartz with this stunning pendant.

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