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Pyrite – XXS

Pyrite – XXS

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Pyrite XXS – Embrace the Tiny Treasure

Meet our Pyrite XXS, a compact gemstone rich with protective properties and abundant energy. Despite its small size, weighing around 35g, this 'fool's gold' holds an intense frequency that shields against negative energy and environmental pollution.

About Pyrite:

Known as a stone of luck, Pyrite attracts abundance, wealth, and prosperity to the user. It’s an excellent stone for manifestation and helps promote a can-do attitude, empowering and encouraging one to overcome fears and take action.


  • Size: This XXS Pyrite gemstone, weighing approximately 35g, comes packed with an abundance of protective and prosperous energy.
  • Color and Texture: Resembling gold with its metallic luster, this stone's golden sparkle symbolizes the warm and fiery energies it possesses.
  • Healing Properties: It encourages self-realization, boosts self-worth, and strengthens focus and determination.

Why Choose Pyrite XXS?

  • For Protection: Pyrite is known for its protective properties, shielding the user from negative energy.
  • For Prosperity: Often called the “stone of luck”, Pyrite helps attract abundance and wealth.
  • For Portability: The tiny size of this gemstone allows you to carry it with you wherever you go.

Perfect For:

  • Abundance Seekers: Those looking to attract prosperity and success into their lives.
  • Protection: Aids in blocking negative energies and shielding against harmful environmental pollutants.
  • Gifts: Makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift due to its attractive appearance and beneficial properties.


Though tiny, the Pyrite XXS is a treasure trove of protective and prosperous energies. This gemstone, which stands for wealth, success, and protection, makes a perfect companion for anyone seeking to bring these qualities into their lives.

Please note: As Pyrite is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Embrace the abundance, wealth, and protection offered by our Pyrite XXS. It is indeed a small treasure to behold and a potent gemstone to bring positivity and prosperity into your life.

Quantity 35g.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Pyrite properties

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