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  • Pyrite pendant – Donut 30mm
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Pyrite pendant – Donut 30mm

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The deceptive, precious metal-like pyrite mineral has been known since ancient times. Because of its ability to spread sparks, the stone was named after greeks word, which means fire. In many parts of the world, this stone is called "fool's gold." It is usually a light brass-yellowish mineral with a golden lustre, although it occurs when it oxidises in a humid environment and acquires a darker brownish-golden colour. Until the 19th century, pyrite was used as a decorative material for shoes, brooches, belts and the like. In England, in the age of Queen Victoria, Pyrite was widely used in jewellery.

By retaining the energy of the earth, pyrite is essentially a protective stone. Keep it with you when you leave home or do hazardous work. It is believed that the mineral can protect those people controlled by others - parents, partners, employers. Without causing much anger, he will help take control into your own hands.

It's a good mood spreader. Keeping it close to you will reduce the feeling of melancholy, sadness, anxiety and depression. If you have pyrite in the workplace - the stone will help you be more active, work harder and bolder. It is said to help implement ideas, stimulate the desire to strive for more and be more dynamic.

By stimulating the solar plexus chakra, pyrite will improve your relationship with yourself and those around you. Spiritually, when this energy centre is in balance, you will be able to interpret the world with your thoughts and emotions and live without fear of doing something wrong. Guided by inner intuition, you will walk a path of your own.

By radiating positive energy into the body, pyrite will help eliminate the karmic diseases that have plagued the body. Keeping it close will speed up the healing of various injuries. This crystal is also used to protect against colds, flu, or other infectious diseases. It has been observed that keeping it close to the patients decreases the temperature and inflammation. Pyrite also stimulates the endocrine system and is a great help in combating male impotence and/or infertility.

Crystal: Pyrite. 
Country of origin: Peru. 
Chemical composition: FeS2
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 6 - 6.5. 

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