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Porphyry is a stone that is often mentioned in historical sources to describe the architecture of the Roman Empire and Pharaoh-ruled Egypt. Although it is found in various colours, red, purple and green were the most popular. They symbolised strength and luxury. The mineral is well known for its hardness, so it took many years to process it with the tools it had at the time. Porphyry was the most prestigious stone of the Roman Empire, which was used to construct impressive buildings, noble sarcophagi, ornaments for monuments or pools. It is also worth mentioning that the Aztecs made their famous sunstone from this mineral. Some of the secrets of this mystical calendar are still not revealed.

Despite the popularity of stone in architecture, it has many metaphysical properties that can turn your life in a positive direction. Porphyria is believed to have the power to protect against enchantments, contempt, evil forces, and beings. If the stones are properly placed in the space of the house, they can harmonise and enhance the energy.

The Egyptians called porphyria a symbol of longevity and a stone with good energy. It has been observed that it attracts abundance, wealth and peace to its wearer. This stone also helps you make decisions, giving you determination and strength and sharpening your intuition and insights into your situations. The mineral will encourage you to be more confident and form a positive attitude. People in your environment will start to respect and appreciate you for it.

Porphyry will also serve your professional life. If you keep the pebble next to you, it will bring you success and victory in your run projects. Acting on the throat chakra will help you overcome your fear of public speaking and help you better express your ideas.

The stone cures various ailments of the body. It reduces bone, joint and headaches, creates a balance of blood cells, and restores damaged DNA. Porphyria has been shown to help with colds or respiratory problems. In addition, the mineral improves the activity of the digestive tract and cleanses toxins from the body.

Crystal: Porphyry. 
Country of origin: Arizona. 
Chemical composition: (K + Na)3Cu20Al3Si29O76(OH)16⋅∼8H2O.
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 7. 

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