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Petrified wood sphere – 50mm

Petrified wood sphere – 50mm

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Petrified Wood Sphere – 50mm: Embrace the Ancient Wisdom

Introducing our 50mm Petrified Wood Sphere, a natural masterpiece that carries the wisdom and history of millions of years. With its deep earthy tones and intricate patterns, each Petrified Wood Sphere tells the story of time itself, imbuing your space with an energy of ancient wisdom.

About Petrified Wood:

Petrified Wood, literally wood turned into stone, is a form of fossilized plant life. It carries the vibration of the natural world within its age-old patterns, promoting calm, patience, and an appreciation for life's pace.


  • Shape and Size: Perfectly carved into a 50mm sphere, ideal for holding in your hands, for meditation, or to place as a decorative piece.
  • Color and Texture: Its rich earthy hues and unique patterns reveal the fascinating chronicle of the planet's history.
  • Healing Properties: Known to ground energies, foster patience, and bring about feelings of safety and security.

Why Choose a Petrified Wood Sphere?

  • For Ancient Wisdom: Utilize the energy of Petrified Wood to cultivate patience and appreciate life's natural pace.
  • For Grounding: Its calming, grounding energy is beneficial in today's fast-paced world.
  • For Unique Beauty: Each Petrified Wood Sphere is a unique snapshot of time, adding an intriguing touch to any space.

Perfect For:

  • History Enthusiasts: Ideal for those fascinated by the Earth's history and natural artifacts.
  • Meditation Practitioners: Its spherical shape and grounding energy make it an excellent tool for meditative practices.
  • Decorative Display: With its rich colors and unique patterns, it's a stunning piece for any home or office.


Our Petrified Wood Sphere is not just an exquisite piece of natural history; it's a testament to the transformative power of time and the enduring wisdom of nature. Please note, as Petrified Wood is a natural product, variations in color, size, and pattern are normal.

Add a touch of ancient wisdom to your life with the Petrified Wood Sphere, a reminder of the beauty of resilience and transformation across time.

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