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Petrified wood sphere – 40mm

Petrified wood sphere – 40mm

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Petrified Wood Sphere – 40mm: Connect with Earth's Ancient Energy

Welcome to the marvelous world of fossils with our Petrified Wood Sphere, a captivating 40mm specimen of nature's profound transformational capabilities. The beauty of this Petrified Wood Sphere lies in its intriguing patterns and earthy tones, carrying a sense of stability, grounding, and a deep connection to Earth's ancient energy.

About Petrified Wood:

Petrified Wood is the result of a tree's natural transition into stone through the process of permineralization, capturing the original tree's organic structure within the mineral composition. It promotes deep ancestral connections, bringing ancient wisdom and patience.


  • Shape and Size: This sphere, with a diameter of 40mm, can comfortably nestle in your palm during meditation or find its place on your desk or shelf.
  • Color and Texture: The varying earthy hues and fascinating patterns encapsulate the essence of time gone by.
  • Healing Properties: Known to encourage patience, provide grounding energy, and aid in understanding deep-rooted emotional experiences.

Why Choose a Petrified Wood Sphere?

  • For Ancestral Connections: Utilize Petrified Wood to connect with your roots and explore the ancient wisdom it beholds.
  • For Grounding: Its calming energy promotes stability and composure amidst life's challenges.
  • For Unique Aesthetic: Every sphere carries its unique patterns, adding a captivating and historical touch to your decor.

Perfect For:

  • History Buffs: Ideal for those interested in Earth's historical wonders and geological transformations.
  • Meditation and Healing: An excellent tool for grounding meditation and healing practices.
  • Home Decor: The unique aesthetic of Petrified Wood adds an intriguing touch to any space.


This 40mm Petrified Wood Sphere serves as a bridge connecting you to the ancient energy of the Earth. A mesmerizing piece of natural history, it brings the wisdom of millions of years right into your hands. Please note that as Petrified Wood is a natural product, slight variations in color, size, and pattern are expected.

Embrace the grounding energy of our Petrified Wood Sphere, a unique tribute to the planet's transformative power.

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