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Petrified wood

Petrified wood

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The petrified wood is considered a fossil and a crystal. The process of crystallisation in wood tissues, which takes many years, converts it into minerals, usually agate or chalcedony. The stones can be brown, grey, black, yellow or reddish-brown. You can visit a national park in the north-eastern United States, Arizona, to see The big pieces of these exciting minerals.

Our ancestors had a close connection with the earth. They worshipped all the elements of nature and its creations. Therefore, trees have always been revered and considered sacred, capable of healing, nourishing, and warming. They contain invaluable information that you can use with a bit of effort. If you have a petrified wood next to you during meditation, you will reconnect with Mother Gaia and your ancestors. They will help you answer past life questions and provide knowledge about the world around you and its secrets.

Until wood became the stone, it spent many years of transformation. Now it helps those seeking to improve at the soul level. It will show you a way to a higher level of consciousness where a new, better version of you will be reborn. The mineral will help you adapt to innovation and shows that patience always pays off well. Change is not an easy and quick process, so you will need it if you are determined for the next stage of your life.

Just as trees inject their roots into the ground, holding a crystal in your hands will allow you to stand firmly on your feet. It will also serve those who have not surrendered to the magic of world-conquering commerce and strive for a simple and sustainable life.  By realising that nature is our home, you will be in unity with it and with yourself.

A petrified stone heals the body. It increases vitality and helps those suffering from age-related diseases - especially those with cardiovascular problems. It has been observed that the crystal reduces the symptoms caused by rheumatism and arthritis, back and hip pain and supports the healthy functioning of the spine and bones.

Approximate weight: 17g. 
Approximate size: 2x2,6x1,7cm.

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