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Obsidian – Candlelight

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Obsidian, otherwise known as volcanic glass, is formed by the rapid cooling of lava. The iron and magnesium compounds it contains give the crystal a dark green, brown or black colour. Due to the variety of chemical impurities, it has several different species with their metaphysical properties.

This wonderful crystal allows us to turn to the dark side of our souls and admit to ourselves without deceiving that we have one. When exposed to stone energies, it is easier to get rid of your shadows. Therefore, instead of running away from them, you will illuminate your inside with all the healing and loving light.

By acting through the root chakra, obsidian will make you feel calm, confident and protected. The earth's energy, which works in conjunction with this crystal, is like a mother watching from the side over you. Unlike other dark crystals, the stone does not create a shield that repels bad energies from you. It allows you to notice all that is going on nearby and brings to the surface all the evil that can reach you - it will allow you to take action to protect yourself. This way, you will be ready to withstand any difficulties in life.

Plus, it's a great helper if you want to release tough, stressful emotions. Sufferers of depression, loss of a loved one, anger, grief, and so on need to trust the crystal and let go of the pains in their hearts. The stone will absorb them and set you free.

To feel the energy of obsidian in your life, create small rituals. Pick up the jewellery from this crystal. This way, its energy will connect with you, and you will be able to work during the day without much effort for both protection and healing purposes. You can also carry these stones in your pocket, purse or wallet so that you can easily reach them and ask for help if needed. Well, the last practice is to put a stone on the body while meditating. When you are in a state of peace, you will feel the action of the crystal quicker and more profound.

Approximate weight: 450g. 
Approximate size: 5,9x10x4cm.

Crystal: Obsidian. 
Country of origin: Mexico. 
Chemical composition: 70–75% SiO2 plus MgO, Fe3O4
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 5 - 6. 

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