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Moss agate – XXS

Moss agate – XXS

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Moss Agate XXS – A Pouch of Nature's Harmony

We're thrilled to present our Moss Agate XXS, a compact yet powerful offering of nature's harmony and balance. Contained within a 35g pouch are numerous tiny Moss Agate crystals, each possessing the gemstone's signature soothing and stabilizing properties.

About Moss Agate:

Moss Agate, known as the Stone of Abundance, is renowned for its ability to foster feelings of tranquility, encourage trust and hope, reduce mood swings, and create a balanced emotional foundation. Its organic patterns, reminiscent of lush green moss or forests, provide a tangible connection to the earth and its energies.


  • Size: Our Moss Agate XXS crystals are sold in pouches, each containing approximately 35g of tiny crystals, offering an easily portable source of grounding energy.
  • Color and Texture: Each Moss Agate crystal displays a unique blend of colors and moss-like inclusions, reflecting the intricate beauty of nature itself.
  • Healing Properties: These crystals promote emotional, physical, and intellectual balance, support a peaceful internal state, and help attract wealth and abundance.

Why Choose Moss Agate XXS?

  • For Balance: Moss Agate's soothing energy helps to bring balance and stability, grounding you in times of stress or turmoil.
  • For Connection to Earth: The natural patterns within Moss Agate foster a deep connection with the natural world.
  • For Portability: The small size of these crystals and their packaging makes it easy to carry grounding energy wherever you go.

Perfect For:

  • Balance Seekers: Ideal for those seeking to harmonize their emotional and intellectual states.
  • Nature Lovers: The intricate, organic patterns within each crystal make them perfect for those who feel a connection with nature.
  • Gifts: A thoughtful gift for anyone needing balance, calm, and a deeper connection with the natural world.


Our Moss Agate XXS is more than just a pouch of gemstones; it's a symbol of harmony, grounding, and abundance. Each tiny crystal is a powerhouse of connection to nature and balance, ready to enhance your life with its unique properties.

Please note: As Moss Agate is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Discover the harmonizing energy of our Moss Agate XXS crystals. These tiny, potent stones offer a grounding touch of nature that you can carry with you wherever your journey leads.

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