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Moonstone – XXS

Moonstone – XXS

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Moonstone XXS - Pocket-Sized Moonbeam Magic

Introducing our Moonstone XXS, a pack of minuscule yet potent moonbeam magic. Each 35g pouch brims with numerous tiny Moonstone crystals, each carrying the unique luminescent and calming properties associated with this mysterious gemstone.

About Moonstone:

Moonstone, the Stone of New Beginnings and Intuition, is cherished for its connection to the magic of the moon. Its shimmering surface, appearing to glow like a full moon, is believed to enhance intuition, promote inspiration, and stabilize emotions.


  • Size: Our Moonstone XXS crystals are conveniently packaged in 35g pouches, each filled with tiny crystals that you can bring along wherever you go.
  • Color and Texture: Moonstone is renowned for its luminous sheen or 'adularescence'—an ethereal glow that shifts with the light. Each stone displays this unique characteristic alongside a variety of natural colors.
  • Healing Properties: These crystals help to enhance intuition, stabilize emotions, and inspire creativity, acting as a talisman for personal growth.

Why Choose Moonstone XXS?

  • For Intuition: Moonstone's energy can help to enhance your intuition and encourage synchronicity in your life.
  • For Emotional Balance: These stones aid in calming overreactions and emotional triggers, promoting emotional stability.
  • For Portability: The tiny size of these crystals allows you to carry a piece of the moon's magic with you.

Perfect For:

  • Intuition Seekers: Ideal for those who wish to deepen their intuition and increase their sensitivity to natural cycles.
  • Emotional Balance Seekers: Perfect for those seeking emotional balance and calm in their life.
  • Gifts: A unique and thoughtful gift for anyone fascinated by the moon's magic or in need of emotional balance.


Our Moonstone XXS is more than just a collection of small gemstones; it's a pocket-sized pack of lunar magic, intuition enhancement, and emotional balance. Despite their size, these stones carry the powerful and serene energy of the moon, ready to inspire and balance your life journey.

Please note: As Moonstone is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Experience the magic and tranquility of our Moonstone XXS crystals. These tiny lunar talismans are ready to illuminate your journey with their distinctive glow and calming energy.

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