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Milky quartz

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Milk quartz, also known as snow, or white quartz, is one of many types of quartz. Its unique appearance is determined by the myriad of microscopic water bubbles inside. This crystal has a powerful healing energy and is one of the most potent positive energy enhancers. Therefore, it goes well with other crystals. 

This fantastic stone will help you look at the world from a different perspective. By opening up your crown chakra, the mineral will help you unite with higher forces and soul leaders who will provide wisdom and understanding of the world around you. It will cleanse your mind of oppressive thoughts and your soul of negative energies, thus providing inner peace. Surrounded by its good aura, milk quartz is believed to attract success and prosperity. 

The crystal will improve your relationships with loved ones. It will evoke feelings of compassion, understanding, support and may even attract love. By soothing the mind, the mineral is believed to help people who have no control over their emotions when talking to others. It will help you better assess the situation you are in and find ways to improve it. You will learn to be more tactful and more cooperative, you will notice your mistakes more efficiently, and you will be able to learn from them. Carry the crystal with you. It will always remind you to think well first, and only then to speak and take action. 

With its healing properties, white quartz regulates the release of hormones, fat, and cholesterol in the blood and improves vitamins' absorption. In addition, it stimulates the activity of various glands such as ovaries, testicles, liver, ankles. It also relieves fatigue and anxiety, calms the nervous system, activates blood circulation and the respiratory system. 

Approximate weight: 30g. 
Approximate size: 2,3x3x2cm.

Crystal: Quartz. 

Country of origin: Brazil. 
Chemical composition: SiO2
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 7.

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