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Meteorite – Unique

Meteorite – Unique

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A meteorite is a celestial body that reaches the lithosphere without burning or changing its shape into dust or gas. Unlike many minerals, small pieces of meteorites are found on the surface layers of the earth. These are usually alloys of various metals found in brown, silver, or black due to their abundant iron and nickel content.

These rare formations are considered sacred in some cultures. They have accumulated metaphysical energies that will help you expand your subconscious powers and focus on your work and goals. They also stabilise emotions and soothe the mind, cleansing it of negativity and filling you with vitality, joy and positive ideas.

Having a meteorite next to you during meditation makes it easier to immerse yourself in astral or interdimensional journeys. It is believed to be like a bridge leading a person to past lives, breaking through the barriers of time and distance. These mystical celestial bodies will help you know the inner self better. You will become more confident in your strength and grow your feelings of self-worth.

This crystal is perfect for those looking for emotional balance and stability in life. By increasing your inner intuition and will, a meteorite will encourage you to listen more to yourself and thus help you avoid dangerous and unfavourable situations. It will be easier for you to follow your opinion and not give in to the influence of other people.

The crystal will not only help you grow and improve spiritually but will also strengthen your body. It is believed to cleanse the blood, improve blood circulation and stimulate cell proliferation. The meteorite is also used to treat various addictions and detoxify the body. No matter what ailment or illness, this crystal can help you heal physically by speeding up the healing process.

Country of origin: Arctic, Sahara Desert. 
Chemical composition: SiO2-Fe-Ni. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 6,5 - 7.

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