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The rare Larimar crystal is a pectolite that is found only in the Dominican Republic. The beautiful blue pebbles were first seen on the beaches and stood out from the other stones for their uniqueness. The stone was not identified until 1974 when Miguel Mendez and Norman Rilling discovered the source of these minerals in the Bahuroc Mountains. The name "Larimar" was created by the discoverer, with the daughter's name Larissa adding the suffix "mar", which means "sea" in Spanish. 

And really, Larimar is reminiscent of the colour of the beautiful Caribbean beaches. Therefore, healing properties are associated with the element of water that controls emotions. It affects the heart, throat and crown chakras. 

Because of the stone, the mind calms down, and negative thoughts disappear. It becomes easier to control various kinds of anxiety, feelings of guilt and fear. By spreading its healing energies, the mineral will help people with self-sabotage. Those who constantly feel helpless and condemned to suffering or constant self-sacrifice for others and see themself as victims in specific (or maybe even all) situations should always carry this stone with them to free themself from these feelings. 

By stimulating the throat chakra, Larimar improves communication. It is beneficial for those who want to express their feelings and thoughts openly but cannot do so. It is also believed that the mineral helps to communicate with people who have entirely different worldviews and different opinions in certain aspects. It is advisable to store the crystal in places where you frequently interact with other people, such as at work, at home by phone or computer, in the living room, or the dining room. It will ensure that the soothing and bond-strengthening forces purify communication in these spaces. 

In addition, the crystal strengthens the feminine connection with the energies of the air and water goddesses. For women, it has a significant effect on their intuition. Also, it promotes tenderness, care, cunning, and playfulness. For men, this energy helps them become more merciful and sensitive to the needs of others. 

By reducing various types of stress, Larimar helps those suffering from its effects. It lowers blood pressure and headaches. Also, it helps with urticaria, shingles or other body rashes that occurs when the immune system is weakened. 

Crystal: Larimar. 
Country of origin: Dominican Republic. 
Chemical composition: NaCa2Si3O8(OH). 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 4.5 –5. 

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