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Lapis lazuli pendulum – Brass

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Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone of September. It is the most demanded mineral since the history of human beings. In Medieval period and in renaissance, it was more valuable than gold and it was taken from Persia-Afghan side to France where it was used to make the most expensive pigments of blue that ever existed. It was used in all the churches and was used to represent Holy people in the paintings. Michelangelo made heaven on a wall of church and he used the pigments to represent the heavens and all the holy people looking out of heaven. Lapis Lazuli represents wisdom and royalty. It has the power to amplify the throat and third eye chakras. It helps people discover their inner self and their divine destiny. It can protect you from negative attacks and reduces stress giving the wearer deep peace, provides self-awareness and boosts morale. Lapis Lazuli can strengthen the immune system, purify blood. It fixes respiratory system, gives cooling sensations and helps with blood pressure and soothes inflammation. It also helps with insomnia and depression and alleviates them.  Its Sapphire blue color looks iconic and it looks like a little sky on a pendant, a bracelet or a ring. If you’re looking for a gorgeous crystal to add to your collection, this is the one you’d want.

Approximate weight: 15g. 
Approximate size: 2,8x2,2x1,5cm.

Crystal: Lapis lazuli or other name Lazurite. 
Country of origin: Afghanistan. 
Chemical composition: (Na,Ca) 8 (Al,Si) 12O24S2 FeS CaCO3Al2O3. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 5 - 5.5. 

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