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Lapis lazuli B pendant – Drop

Lapis lazuli B pendant – Drop

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The Lapis Lazuli "B" Grade Drop Pendant is a specific variation of the lapis lazuli drop pendant, usually crafted with a particular grade of lapis lazuli. Here's an overview of this beautiful piece:


  • Shape: This pendant retains the classic drop shape, smooth and graceful.
  • Color: "B" Grade lapis lazuli typically has a vibrant blue color but might contain more calcite or pyrite inclusions, or it might be a slightly lighter shade of blue compared to "A" Grade.
  • Size: Like other drop pendants, the size can vary, allowing for different preferences.

Quality and Pricing

  • Grade: The "B" Grade classification might indicate that the lapis lazuli used has some minor imperfections, such as more visible inclusions or a less saturated color.
  • Pricing: Generally, "B" Grade lapis lazuli is more affordable than higher-graded stones, making it accessible to a wider range of buyers.

Symbolism and Properties

  • Lapis Lazuli: Even with a "B" Grade, lapis lazuli maintains its symbolic associations with wisdom, truth, and clarity.
  • Drop Shape: The shape continues to symbolize emotions, purity, and femininity.


  • Versatility: This pendant can be a unique accessory for various occasions, adding a pop of color and elegance.
  • Gift: Its more accessible price point might make it a popular choice for a thoughtful yet affordable gift.


  • Handling: Like other lapis lazuli pieces, this pendant requires gentle care in cleaning and storage to maintain its beauty.


The Lapis Lazuli "B" Grade Drop Pendant offers a beautiful and slightly more affordable option for those who love the mystique and elegance of lapis lazuli. Though it may have some minor imperfections, its beauty and symbolism remain strong, making it a lovely addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you're drawn to its vibrant blue hue or its spiritual connections, it's a piece that can resonate on many levels.

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