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Labradorite raw – Small

Labradorite raw – Small

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Labradorite Raw – Small

Small raw Labradorite stones are an excellent choice for individuals who want to experience the beauty and purported metaphysical benefits of this iridescent gemstone in a more portable size.

About Small Raw Labradorite:

Small raw Labradorite offers all the beauty and unique features of larger pieces, just in a smaller, more manageable size. These unpolished stones exhibit the same stunning labradorescence that the mineral is famous for, with colors shifting and changing when viewed from different angles.


  • Design: Small raw Labradorite stones come in their natural, unpolished state. Each piece is unique in its color spectrum and level of labradorescence.

  • Size: These are small-sized Labradorite pieces, making them ideal for carrying with you, whether in your pocket or bag.

  • Unique Properties: Small raw Labradorite stones exhibit the same magical color-changing quality as their larger counterparts, but note that the level of color flash may vary in each stone.


  • Jewelry: Due to their smaller size, these stones can be used in jewelry-making projects.

  • Pocket Stones: Small raw Labradorite stones are the perfect size to carry in your pocket as a reminder of the stone's metaphysical properties.

  • Metaphysical: Labradorite is often associated with transformation, protection, and intuition enhancement. It's believed to shield the aura and promote personal growth.

Perfect For:

  • Crystal Collectors: Small raw Labradorite stones are a unique addition to any crystal collection.

  • Holistic Practitioners: Those interested in crystal healing may find these small stones helpful in their practices.

  • Jewelry Makers: Due to their size, these stones can be incorporated into handcrafted jewelry pieces.

In conclusion, small raw Labradorite stones are a versatile and convenient way to enjoy this beautiful and unique mineral, whether you're a collector, a holistic practitioner, or simply someone who appreciates natural beauty.

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