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Labradorite L – Extra

Labradorite L – Extra

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Labradorite L - Extra: The Stone of Transformation and Mystical Protection

Labradorite, particularly of the extra grade and larger (L) size, is a gemstone celebrated for its extraordinary play of colors, known as labradorescence. This mystical stone is associated with transformation, protection, and the enhancement of innate magical powers.


  • Appearance: Extra grade Labradorite displays an enchanting iridescent play of colors across its surface, usually in shades of blue, green, and gold. The stone's larger size allows for a more pronounced and impressive display of this phenomenon.

  • Stone Properties: Labradorite is often associated with transformation and change, lending strength and perseverance. It's considered a protective stone that shields against negativity and misfortune.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Transformation: Labradorite is known as the stone of transformation, providing strength and resilience during periods of change and transition.

  • Protective Energy: It is believed to create a shielding force throughout the aura, protecting against negativity and misfortune.

  • Enhancing Magical Abilities: Labradorite is also linked to the awakening of innate magical powers, including psychic abilities, clairvoyance, astral travel, and prophecy.


  • Emotional Support: Carry or wear Labradorite to assist during periods of change and to impart strength and perseverance.

  • Meditation Aid: Use Labradorite in meditation to deepen your focus, enhance your intuition, and explore your innate magical abilities.

  • Statement Jewelry: With its striking colors and larger size, this piece of Labradorite can be turned into an impressive piece of jewelry or a captivating decorative object.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: Clean Labradorite with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or high heat, which could alter the stone's colors.

  • Storage: Store Labradorite separately from other stones or hard materials to prevent scratching or damage to its polished surface.


Extra grade Labradorite L is a mystical and transformative stone, as stunning in appearance as it is powerful in its metaphysical properties. It's an ideal choice for those navigating changes, seeking protection against negativity, or wishing to tap into their innate psychic abilities. From personal talisman to statement jewelry piece, Labradorite's uses are as varied as its iridescent colors.

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