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Kambaba jasper – Heart

Kambaba jasper – Heart

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Kambaba Jasper Heart 40mm – Embrace Tranquility and Wholeness

We present our exquisite 40mm Kambaba Jasper Heart, an emblem of tranquility, wholeness, and the cyclical nature of life. With its deep green tones interspersed with mystic black circles, the Kambaba Jasper Heart resonates primarily with the heart chakra, promoting peace, stability, and emotional growth.

About Kambaba Jasper: Kambaba Jasper, also known as Crocodile Jasper, is believed to soothe troubled minds and restore balance to the body and spirit. It's highly regarded for its ability to inspire peace, tranquility, and a deep connection with nature.


Shape and Size: Lovingly shaped into a heart, measuring 40mm, embodying love, tranquility, and emotional growth. Color and Texture: Its unique deep green color with black circular patterns pays homage to the organic patterns found in nature. Healing Properties: Instills tranquility, promotes wholeness and emotional healing, and connects one to nature. Why Choose a Kambaba Jasper Heart?

For Peace: Kambaba Jasper's peaceful energy provides comfort and tranquility. For Wholeness: The stone promotes a sense of wholeness and interconnectedness. For Unique Beauty: Its distinctive color and pattern make it an attractive addition to any collection or space. Perfect For:

Peace Seekers: Those seeking serenity and tranquility in their lives. Nature Lovers: A perfect choice for those who feel a deep connection with nature. Decorative Display: Its intriguing patterns and colors make it an excellent decorative piece. Conclusion: The Kambaba Jasper Heart isn't just an enchanting piece of nature's artistry; it's a symbol of peace, wholeness, and deep connection with the Earth. The 40mm size is perfect for holding during meditation or displaying in your home or office.

Please note: As Kambaba Jasper is a natural stone, variations in color, size, and pattern are to be expected.

Embrace tranquility and wholeness in your life with our Kambaba Jasper Heart. Let it serve as a beautiful reminder of your inherent connection with nature and the peaceful tranquility within you.

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