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The unique and newly discovered K2 is a combination of granite and azurite. It is found only on the snow-capped peaks of Pakistan’s K2, the second-highest mountain in the world. Such location makes mining very difficult, making this unique stone very rare and difficult to find. 

The mineral formed in unusual and harsh conditions contains energy that helps to focus on your being and survive even the most difficult trials. K2 will balance your earthly and spiritual body. The rare combination of granite and azurite will help you reach the heights of the sky while your feet are firmly on the ground. 

With its unique energy, the crystal stimulates the upper chakras. An open third eye promotes a higher level of understanding and provides clarity and insight into what is suitable for you. Through the crown chakra, your guardian angels and soul leaders will send you the divine information. This combination of two energy centres will allow you to understand new knowledge and make decisions aligned with higher forces. 

To take advantage of the powerful vibration of this crystal that soothes and relaxes, place a stone on your third eye chakra during bedtime meditation. Inspire her healing vibrations by asking K2 to protect you while you sleep and provide insights into the fascinating world of the unconscious mind’s dreams. Also, use this crystal if you are looking for answers to existential questions. During meditation, delve into the new experiences it will give you. The stone will open the door of time to previous lives and ancestral kinship. When the past and the present come together, you will begin to see the divine truth of the universe that will unfold before your eyes like the most beautiful blossom. 

Besides, the crystalline significance of K2 is associated with strength and determination, and balanced and harmonised feelings provide confidence in all aspects of life. By acting through this stone, granite offers a solid foundation underfoot and sharpens intuition. You will be ready to climb the highest mountain to see the fantastic views from it. 

Country of origin: Pakistan 
Chemical composition: n{SiO2} p{Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2} q{(K, Na)(AlSi3O8)} 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 7 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed K2 properties

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