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Jasper – XXS

Jasper – XXS

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Jasper XXS - Microcosms of Earth's Strength

Presenting our Jasper XXS, miniature manifestations of Mother Earth's endurance and strength. Each 35g pack is teeming with countless tiny Jasper crystals, packing the vibrant vitality and grounding properties of this renowned stone into minute forms.

About Jasper:

Jasper, known as the Stone of Endurance and Nurturing, is celebrated for its nurturing, grounding, and stabilizing qualities. This gemstone aids in unifying all aspects of life, reminding people to help each other.


  • Size: Our Jasper XXS crystals are conveniently contained in 35g packs, each bursting with minuscule crystals that you can carry with you.
  • Color and Texture: Jasper crystals come in an array of colors, each bearing unique patterns and textures. Each stone carries a piece of Earth's vibrant palette.
  • Healing Properties: These crystals are believed to instill tranquility, aid in conflict resolution, and provide physical and spiritual protection.

Why Choose Jasper XXS?

  • For Grounding: Jasper's energy is excellent for grounding and aligning with Earth's energy.
  • For Protection: These stones are believed to provide physical and spiritual protection.
  • For Portability: The compact size of these crystals makes it possible to carry Earth's grounding energy with you wherever you go.

Perfect For:

  • Grounding Seekers: Ideal for those seeking to ground their energies and align more closely with nature.
  • Protection Seekers: Perfect for individuals seeking physical and spiritual protection.
  • Gifts: A thoughtful and unique gift for those who appreciate Earth's vibrancy or require stability in their lives.


Our Jasper XXS crystals are more than just small stones; they are miniatures of Earth's robustness and vitality, ready to ground, protect, and stabilize your energy. Despite their size, these stones carry a powerful and nurturing energy, reflecting the vibrancy of our Earth.

Please note: As Jasper is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Embrace the vibrant energy of our Jasper XXS crystals. These tiny earthly tokens are ready to ground and nurture your journey, reflecting the resilience and vibrancy of our planet.

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