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Jade pendant – United Hearts

Jade pendant – United Hearts

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  • Stone: Jade, often recognized for its rich green hue, though it can come in various colors.
  • Shape: Designed with two or more hearts united, intertwined, or overlapping.


  • Jade: A cherished stone in many cultures, particularly in Asia, Jade represents purity, harmony, and balance. It's believed to bring good luck and spiritual well-being.
  • United Hearts Shape: Symbolizes love, connection, and unity. It may represent romantic love, a strong friendship, family bonds, or even spiritual connection with oneself or a higher power.


  • Fashion Accessory: This pendant can add a meaningful touch to any outfit, whether for casual or formal occasions.
  • Romantic Gift: The united hearts design makes it a perfect gift for anniversaries, engagements, or any romantic celebration.
  • Spiritual Tool: Some might use the pendant as a spiritual or meditative tool, reflecting on its symbolism.


  • Handle with care to avoid scratches or other damage.
  • Clean gently with a mild soap solution and lukewarm water, then dry with a soft cloth.


  • The quality of Jade can vary, affecting the price and appearance of the pendant. Authentic, high-quality Jade may be more expensive.
  • The design may come with additional elements, such as gold or silver settings or other gemstone accents.


A Jade pendant with united hearts is more than just a piece of jewelry; it can be a symbol of love, unity, and a connection that goes beyond the physical. Whether worn for its beauty, as a reminder of a special relationship, or for its perceived spiritual qualities, it’s a piece that's likely to be cherished. If considering it as a gift, the recipient's personal taste and the authenticity and quality of the Jade should be kept in mind.

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