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Jade pendant sphere – 20mm

Jade pendant sphere – 20mm

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Explore the timeless elegance and spiritual harmony encapsulated in this beautiful Jade Sphere Pendant. With a 20mm diameter, this perfect spherical form of Jade offers both aesthetic appeal and profound symbolism.


  • Color: Exhibiting the rich and calming green tones that Jade is renowned for, this pendant resonates with tranquility and balance.
  • Shape: Spherical, a shape that is often associated with wholeness and unity.
  • Size: The 20mm diameter provides a delicate and sophisticated size suitable for various occasions.
  • Surface: The pendant is finely polished to a glossy finish, allowing the natural color variations to shine through.

Symbolism and Metaphysical Properties

  • Jade: Known as a stone of purity and serenity, Jade is often linked to the heart chakra and is believed to attract good luck and friendship.
  • Sphere Shape: Symbolizing unity, completeness, and eternity, the sphere shape adds a layer of depth and meaning to this beautiful pendant.


  • Fashion Accessory: Its versatile and elegant design makes it suitable for daily wear or special events, adding a touch of grace and harmony to any outfit.
  • Spiritual Practices: Those interested in crystals and spiritual practices may find this Jade sphere pendant resonates with healing and harmonizing energies.

Care and Maintenance

  • Cleaning: A gentle cleaning with mild soap and lukewarm water will keep the pendant looking its best. Avoid using chemicals that might damage the Jade.
  • Storage: Storing the pendant in a soft pouch will help prevent scratches and maintain its beauty.


The Jade Sphere Pendant, with its 20mm diameter, is a piece of art and spirituality combined into a stunning piece of jewelry. Whether worn as a statement of faith, a charm for good luck, or simply an elegant accessory, its timeless beauty and profound symbolism make it a cherished addition to any jewelry collection. Properly cared for, this Jade pendant will continue to inspire and enchant for years to come.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Jade properties

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