Glass opal pendant – Dolphin tail
Glass opal pendant – Dolphin tail

Glass opal pendant – Dolphin tail

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Opal word comes from Sanskrit word “upala” which translates to “precious jewel”. This crystal showcases a wide array of colors and shows the hope for a happy and beautiful life. It helps with emotional healing. Sleeping with an Opal helps against painful memories as it is closely connected to heart chakra and helps with emotional balance. It gives the wearer a feeling of peace and happiness. This gemstone has healing properties that help against stress and calm you down. This rainbow like jewel can surround the wearer with energy of beauty and protection against unpleasant energies and thoughts.
Opal helps in bringing out the emotions and feelings of the wearer to surface for trail, while it may be uncomfortable to face your negative emotions it also helps the wearer in getting rid of all those as it makes one realize that those negative traits can be a burden. It helps a great deal against depression, Improves financial situations, calms the wearer, attracts good luck, helps in finding true love and gives hope. If you’re depressed or a sensitive person who is in need of healing heart wounds then try carrying this beautiful rainbow-like jewel as it can help with your depression while looking great on you.

Approximate weight: 15g. 
Approximate size: 2,6x3,3x0,9cm.

Crystal: Rose opal. 
Country of origin: Peru. 
Chemical composition: SiO2·nH2O. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 5.5 - 6. 

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