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The name Girasol is from the Italian word girasol which means turn towards the sun. It is the birthstone for the month of October. It is from Quartz family and they are well polished almost transparent crystals. Since the beginning of time in nearly every culture, Girapol crystals have been held sacred and magical and accepted as a great source of power. In their creation myths the aboriginal tribes in both Australia and South America describe the image of the "cosmic serpent," the progenitor of all life, being led and guided by a Girasol crystal. If you are suffering from creative blockage it can motivate you and help a lot in resetting things and get you going again. Girasol is a universal healer, and can be used for every kind of healing. It is said that it can enhance the immune and circulatory systems, enhancing the energy flow and bringing the body into harmony. It has been used to treat migraine headaches, motion sickness, and is believed to assist with metabolism, exhaustion, losing weight and getting rid of dizziness. It is a natural healer for any sort of person which is very fancy and can make for a great jewelry item.

Approximate weight: 27g. 
Approximate size: 3,3x4x1,5cm.

Crystal: Girasol. 
Country of origin: Brazil and South Africa. 
Chemical composition: SiO2 · nH2O
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 4.5 - 6.

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