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Fuchsite – Raw

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Fuchsite is a green variety of muscovite. The stone is named after Johann Fuchs, a German mineralogist. It's one of the most beautiful and elegant stones that you will see because of the fantastic sparkle it possesses. Its green intensity is determined by the amount of chromium it contains.

This crystal is one of those that will surround your aura as a guardian angel and elevate your inner state to the clouds. It will bring you joy, bliss, and even miracles that you may have already forgotten about. The crystal is believed to have a close connection with the world of fairies and other nature spirits. Therefore, do not be shy and try to contact mystical beings while holding the mineral in your hands.

Fuchsite crystal encourages its holder to take responsibility for his happiness and take proper care of himself. When you realise that happiness is not something that is waiting around the corner, but what you create yourself - life will shine in the most beautiful colours. The crystal will soothe and clear your mind of negative thoughts and outdated stereotypes. It will make you more open, kind, forgiving, and understanding, first to yourself and then to the rest of the world. Let the crystal fill your inside with joy. Enjoy and appreciate the gift of life.

Needless to say, the significant change won't happen overnight. Meditate with the crystal and carry at least a small piece in your pocket. While holding it in your hands, breathe in peace, harmony and love. As you exhale, release your grief, fear, and mistrust.

Fuchsite has long been known as a stone with intense healing energy. It will strengthen your immune system, improve toxins' excretion from the body and regulate metabolism and sugar levels in the body.t also reduces headaches, muscle and joint pain, improves body flexibility and helps recover energy after physical work. Fuchsite is quite effective in treating sunburn, rashes, itching and other forms of allergies.

Chemical composition: K(Al,Cr)2(AlSi3O10)(OH)
Mohs scale hardness: 2- 2.5
Country of origin: Brazil

Approximate weight: 18g. 
Approximate size: 2,6x4,2x1,2cm.

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