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In ancient times, people believed that the fluorite crystal was the home of the rainbow. Throughout history, this mineral has been and still is valued for its rarity, colour and design. Its name comes from the Latin word flour - flow, but today it is used to describe a crystal's fluorescence - its ability to glow in ultraviolet light, then the crystal reveals a spectrum of the most beautiful colours.

For many crystals, the healing properties are influenced by colour. But no matter what shade of fluorite, it will bring clarity and understanding to your life of the purpose for which you came into this world. Just as the stars have a place in the sky, so you have yours in the world. Knowing this will give you purpose, confidence and motivation. The crystal itself symbolizes the harmony and serenity with which it will fill your aura.

Fluorite is said to stimulate both sides of the brain so that they work together to reveal your best talents. It will strengthen your intuition and mental activity. Also, it will improve creativity and ingenuity. It will be easier for you to absorb information and make decisions. A crystal held by the bed will lead you to an as yet unseen world of dreams. Visions and characters become more colourful and vivid. Most importantly, waking up will make these dreams easier to remember.

Fluorite cleans electromagnetic mist, which traps negative energies. Which makes you feel both physically and mentally sluggish. It also detects disturbances in the body that prevent it from functioning fully. In turn, it will remove the accumulated tension and anxiety.

Crystal is helpful for people who have digestive problems or want to lose/gain weight. Carrying the mineral with you relieves coughs, sore throats and headaches, and a feeling of dizziness. It is believed to be effective against fungal infections as well as gout, ganglia and osteoporosis.

Approximate weight: 16g. 
Approximate size: 1,6x3,2x1,4cm.

Crystal: Fluorite. 
Country of origin: China. 
Chemical composition: CaF. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 4. 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Fluorite properties

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