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  • Dyed Howlite pendant – Square Donut 28mm
  • Dyed Howlite pendant – Square Donut 28mm
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Dyed Howlite pendant – Square Donut 28mm

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Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral. In nature, it is most commonly found in the form of a “brain” and white (although it can also be found in grey, brown, pink, yellow, orange, or colourless). Polished and cut stone is perfect for jewellery making, but it is also used in the chemical and construction industries. 

This crystal will bring you an inner sense of happiness, peace and love. It will open your heart chakra, and this will affect you to look at yourself with the other eyes and unconditionally accept your version of who you are. It will give you more confidence and bring you noticeable changes in all areas. 

By living in peace and love with yourself, you will begin to look at other people differently. The inner critic and condemnation, who are often the creators of hostility, will disappear. The stone will help you discover the happiness that will lead you forward and notice more positive things around yourself. Remember, after all, your thoughts create what you get. And this stone is the magnet that attracts their fulfilment. Meditate with magnesite or carry it as close to your body as possible to feel its soothing and joyful effects. 

In addition, this mineral affects the third eye and crown chakras. It will help you discover the truth and be honest with yourself. It is also believed that the stone helps communicate with people with whom one has to maintain tense or even unpleasant relationships (both at work and in the personal field). It will help you better understand these people and be more predictable of their actions. 

Magnesite helps to relax tense or spasmodic muscles. It also calms the nervous system and supports kidney function. It is believed that the stone can help women who experience severe PMS symptoms. 

Crystal: Howlite (Magnesite).
Country of origin: South Africa. 
Chemical composition: Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 3,5. 

Howlite wikipedia

This is dyed stone, for education purposes