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Dumortierite is a crystal of the silicate class. It is usually found in blue but can also be green, brown, purple, or even light pink. The crystal was named after the famous French palaeontologist E. Dumortier.

With its strong vibrations, the mineral will activate the third eye chakra and brain activity. Intuition will strengthen, the memory of dreams will improve, even the images themselves will become much more apparent and better understood. Besides, the crystal will help during astral journeys and in connection with higher forces.

One of the key features you can enjoy simply by carrying a dumortierite with you is a significantly improved memory and easy assimilation of information. Therefore, it is beneficial for those who are learning. If you are preparing for exams, keep a pebble next to you on the table while you study. You must have it with you during the test as well.

Dumortierite will bring you peace, relaxation and harmony. It is beneficial in situations where you cannot control emotions, stubbornness, or excitement. When exposed to it, you will understand yourself better. In this way, you will refine your values ​​and follow them in all life situations without allowing outsiders' opinions to confuse your inner world.

Approximate weight: 14g. 
Approximate size: 1,9x2,8x1,7cm.

Crystal: Dumortierite. 
Country of origin: South Africa. 
Chemical composition: AlAl₆O₃BSi₃O₁₈. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 7. 

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