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Desert rose stone – Raw

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Created with the help of time, sand, wind and water, the beautiful crystal, reminiscent of rose petals with its resemblance, has more than one name. Desert rose is also called sand rose, selenite rose, or gypsum rose. Selenite and gypsum are among the stone constituents, so many of the healing properties are the same. But the beautiful mineral also has its specific energies that it will be happy to share with you.

It is said that every stone has guardians of the spirit, and each of them is different. A traditional Native American tale claimed that desert rose selenites were carved by soldiers who returned home from the spirit world. It is believed that roses were scattered throughout the Earth to protect the homeland of these spirits. With its patronizing energy, the stone will protect your home and loved ones from external evil.

The desert rose is an excellent helper during meditation. It will balance and soothe your thoughts, clearing the mind of unnecessary, outdated programs and beliefs. This mineral will activate the root, crown and sacral chakras, which help in mental clarity and concentration, manifestation and self-expression, and open the divine will. It will help you understand what you want and show you the way you can fulfil those desires.

Besides, the stone is associated with the energy of wood. If you place it in the east or southeast of your room or house, you will invite or enhance the vitality of abundance and prosperity. It will also ensure a good flow of universal life force. It will strengthen your dedication and commitment to your loved ones, family and community.

Approximate weight: 12g. 
Approximate size: 1,7x2,4x1,6cm.

Country of origin: Mexico. 
Chemical composition: CaSO4 · 2H2O.
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 2.

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