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  • Crinoid pendant – Donut 30mm
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Crinoid pendant – Donut 30mm

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Crinoid fossils, like all others, are the bearers of the mysteries of the earth. In appearance, they are more reminiscent of fossilized sea plants than animals that lived millions of years ago. Perhaps that is why the Greeks called them "Krinon" - lilies. Crinoid scraps are used to decorate a variety of jewellery. They are used to make various beads and pendants, which can be grey, brown or pink.

These stones will help you better understand the laws that govern the world. By taking them with you, you will be able to self-assess your past experiences and see how these can serve your soul's growth. Fossils will share their wisdom so that you can discover your inner strength and powers, wondering how to use them.

Crinoids help people who suffer from depression. They clear the mind of negative thoughts and enable one to view oneself and the world more positively. It will make it easier to believe that you are worthy of a new and happier life. The stone will help you be more confident, not afraid of the changes it will take you to.

People believe that these fossils strengthen the nervous and immune systems, improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals, helps those with stomach problems. They are also known to release toxins and to be beneficial to the skin. Besides, positive effects on the heart, lymphatic system and blood vessels have been observed.

Approximate weight: 12g. 
Approximate size: 2x3x1cm.

Crystal: Crinoid. 
Country of origin: Morocco. 
Chemical composition: Varies. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 7. 

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