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The Citrine name comes from the French word “citron” because of its citrus like color which translates to citrus fruit. It is the birthstone for the month of November. It is a variety of Quartz crystal family. It has been used in the past as a catalyst that converts every negative thing like negative thoughts and energies into positive ones and it is one of the two elements that do not need any cleaning or cleansing after use. It can suppress and ground all the negativity around you and filter your surroundings. It is recommended to carry one with you wherever you may go. Citrine is a great crystal for Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and Crown Chakra. Air is the element of Citrine crystals. It is also found in ametrine crystals. It is known not only for increasing the wealth of the wearer but also helping them maintain the flow of wealth which is something we all need help in. Nice crystal which increases wealth, confidence, Self-esteem of those who work in sales and marketing departments. It has great color something that can be a great addition to the collection.

Approximate weight: 7g. 
Approximate size: 1,8x2,6x1,2cm.

Crystal: Citrine. 
Country of origin: Brazil. 
Chemical composition: SiO2. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 7. 

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