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The unique crystal Chrysanthemum attracts everyone's eye with its beauty. These minerals formed more than 200 million years ago from high temperatures and the compression of thick layers of organic-rich mud at the bottom of the sea. To this day, many legends tell of the emergence of this crystal of unusual appearance. Most of them are about love. In China, this crystal is called the "Stone of Wealth and Honour" and is declared an official symbol of the imperial family.

Chrysanthemum will bring playfulness and vitality to your life. Thanks to the crystal, you will begin to appreciate the present moment, realizing that it will never happen again. It will clear unnecessary thoughts and open new horizons, thus opening the door to new possibilities. If you have always dreamed of changes in your life, but you were deterred by the fear of leaving the comfort zone and starting something new - this mineral will change the current situation. It will help you discover and fulfil your mission. Thus, helping to answer existential questions, "what is the meaning of life?" or "why did I come into this world?".

The chrysanthemum stone is a stone of harmony, radiating calm, confident energy that encourages you not to rush to live, listen to yourself, and enjoy the moment. It will bring balance and positive change in your life. The crystal neutralizes superficiality and dispels feelings of ignorance, bigotry and jealousy. This stone encourages you to love your environment, which in turn brings more love into your life.

Approximate weight: 23g. 
Approximate size: 2,3x2,6x2,3cm. 

Country of origin: China 
Chemical composition: Al2SiO5.
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 3-4.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Chrysanthemum properties

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