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Chiastolite pendant – Drop

Chiastolite pendant – Drop

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Chiastolite Pendant – Drop: A Symbol of Harmony and Transformation

Presenting the Chiastolite Pendant – Drop, a stunning piece of jewelry that stands as a symbol of balance, harmony, and personal transformation. This pendant, with its unique drop design, has been skillfully carved from Chiastolite, also known as the "Cross Stone."


Appearance: The pendant, fashioned into a stylish drop design, features the distinctive cross pattern of the Chiastolite stone, exhibiting earthy brown tones.

Stone Properties: Chiastolite is highly regarded for its cross-shaped inclusions and is believed to harmonize energies, facilitating balance and spiritual understanding.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Harmony and Balance: Chiastolite is known for its ability to harmonize different energies, fostering a balance between thoughts and feelings.
  • Spiritual Insight: It encourages spiritual understanding, helping to perceive the bigger picture of life's experiences.


  • Elegant Accessory: With its deep earthy hues and minimalist design, this pendant is a versatile piece, fitting seamlessly into any jewelry collection.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Ideal for individuals aiming to cultivate balance in their lives or deepen their spiritual perception.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Given its symbolic associations, it's a meaningful gift for those navigating life changes or seeking harmony.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: Clean the pendant gently using a soft cloth and warm water. Avoid harsh cleaning agents as they might damage the stone.
  • Storage: Store the pendant in a soft pouch or a jewelry box to protect it from scratches and maintain its lustrous beauty.


The Chiastolite Pendant – Drop is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a tangible symbol of balance and personal transformation. Its captivating cross pattern serves as a reminder of life's interconnectedness and the continuous journey towards harmony. Whether you're attracted to its unique appearance or its balancing properties, this pendant is a celebration of life's harmonious journey. Experience the harmonizing and transformative energy of the Chiastolite with this exquisite pendant.

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