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Chiastolite, also known as the cross-stone, can be grey to pink, yellow, or brown, often with black or green cross-shaped inclusions that are only visible when the mineral is cut. The name, derived from the Greek language, literally means "marked with a cross." In ancient times, people believed that this crystal of unusual appearance was sent to earth by God (or gods).

Chiastolite is a stone that provides physical energy, protection, love and prosperity. It can help you change your life and improve the quality of your relationship. It will also strengthen your chakras and ground you when you feel confused or emotionally exhausted.

If you are looking for inner peace, this stone is perfect for you. Next to it, you will no longer feel tense, depressed or anxious. The feeling of fear will disappear (it is especially suitable for people who fear death). When you join with it, good healing energies will flow throughout your body, mind and spirit! Chiastolite is also a balancing stone. It will bring stability and security to your life, even when everything around you becomes loud and chaotic.

The crystal holds invaluable knowledge about being. The circle of life and death and the distant worlds that await us when the time allotted to us on this earth is over. Therefore, it is perfect as a companion on astral journeys or as a tool to help remember past lives.

Approximate weight: 21g. 
Approximate size: 1,9x2,1x1,8cm.

Crystal: Chiastolite. 
Country of origin: Russia. 
Chemical composition: Al2SiO5
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 7 - 7.5. 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Chiastolite properties

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